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JFunc: JUnit Functional Testing Extension

What is JFunc?

JFunc is an extension to the JUnit testing framework to make it easier for use with functional tests. Functional testing (also called integration testing) significantly differs from unit testing in a number of respects. Part of this project is dedicated towards putting together code to address these differences; the other part of this project is putting together methodologies for functional testing.

What is functional testing?

Functional testing, or integration testing, is testing concerned with the entire system, not just small pieces (or units) of code. For those interesting in unit testing, JUnit is currently the premiere unit testing framework for Java software.

Who is this intended for?

This project is primarily intended for people developing functional tests, however, I have seen many people doing unit testing ask for the kind of functionality that JFunc provides.

Are you doing functional testing?

Sometimes it's difficult to ascertain what kind of testing you're doing. If you're unsure, try asking yourself these questions:

  1. Is the sequence that your tests run in important?
  2. Do you need/want more output than "..F.E"?
  3. Are you struggling with fixtures when what you really want is variables?
  4. Do you need to prepare your suites by hand? (i.e. can't rely on your test suite to be dynamically generated.)

If you answered yes to any of the preceding you may be doing some sort of functional testing. Even if you're decidedly not doing functional testing and you answered yes to some, you may want to use some of JFunc's functionality in your own unit testing.

What features does JFunc provide?

The current features that JFunc has to offer are the following:

  • Multiple failures (examples)
  • Easing the pains of Manual Suite Construction
    • Concise, typesafe, suite construction using proxies(examples)
    • Use one test object for a series of tests, rather than the one test instance per test (examples)
    • Test methods can accept arguments (see manual example)
  • Enhanced Test Runner

Who supports this extension?

This framework was developed by Shane Celis and is supported by Terraspring, Inc. This framework has been used extensively in the development and testing of Terraspring's product. We hope people gain as much from the software we're releasing as we've received from other Open Source software.

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